Adaptive Resolution

October 24, 2011 - Computer Science, Graphics Programming, OpenGL ES 1.1
Adaptive Resolution

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Sounds cool, but why recreating the framebuffer?
What about this instead:
- create framebuffer at native screen resolution (including multiple attachments if necessary - eg: gbuffer)
- at runtime, "resize the viewport" (that is almost a no-op) instead of resizing the framebuffer attachments
- at runtime, always do a "framebuffer blit" (with scaling, if necessary) from the framebuffer (possibly with multiple attachments - eg: gbuffer) to the screen (or even a temporary 'final' framebuffer - for postprocessing)

In this way the cost of recreating the framebuffer (always a bad idea) or attaching (new) resized textures (still proibitive) is completely avoided, while still retaining the advantages of your idea.

Feel free to contact me if the above doesn't make sense 🙂

Nassim Amar

Thanks for the input! I'll be investigating and updating blog post with your suggestions!

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