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VertoPellis ("Shape Shifting") Technology... Inception!
We’ve all seen this scene yet some crazy ones among us have wondered about possible implementations of such technology. At the time, there were no concepts [...]
VertoPellis ("Shape Shifting") Presentation
In preparation of subsequent blogs about my research in machine learning. An overview of the project. vertō (“‘turn’”) + pellis ( “hide”) is Latin for [...]
On Agile and Technology Evolving Software Development Processes
  The Agile Method is a tool and nothing more or less. It is not an opinion, but just a tool. To understand this tool, one must first establish the [...]
Auto Typing in C(++)
Scripting languages offer the comfort of automatic type inference. The way we approached this in our own scripting language was by having meta-data [...]
Pre-Code Review Excavation of Blitz3D
How I stumbled upon Blitz3D Growing up, one of my favorite coding languages and platforms was Blitz3D. Blitz3D is part of the Blitz language family [...]
Standing Out In Your Tech Career
So you want to stand out in your Computer Science career? Here is the main tip….. Contribute and Write about it. There’s a great trend [...]
Evolving from (32 -> 64) & Bit Sorcery!
At Poez Inc. we had to upgrade our projects from 32bit to 64bit in memory address width to run on some Operating Systems and be as future proof as [...]
Technology for the Present
With ever growing automation and practicality, our presence is needed less and less. I urge innovators and entrepreneurs to design their products to [...]
The Art of Do-manship
“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” – Albert E. There is a big focus on “coding” or learning a [...]
Pragmatic Applications of Quantum Paradigms
Note: This is not trying to mimic all quantum behaviors although it can be extended to it. This post is to appreciate and analyze benefits of expanding on [...]