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Evolving from (32 -> 64) & Bit Sorcery!
At Poez Inc. we had to upgrade our projects from 32bit to 64bit in memory address width to run on some Operating Systems and be as future proof as [...]
Technology for the Present
With ever growing automation and practicality, our presence is needed less and less. I urge innovators and entrepreneurs to design their products to [...]
The Art of Do-manship
“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” – Albert E. There is a big focus on “coding” or learning a [...]
Pragmatic Applications of Quantum Paradigms
Note: This is not trying to mimic all quantum behaviors although it can be extended to it. This post is to appreciate and analyze benefits of expanding on [...]
How My Machine Can "See"
Quick entry on a process of extracting geometry from images and also get my mind off things xP.  Primitive Extraction: Scan image per pixel (obviously [...]
The Chair Maker and Chair Store
I come from a culture where chair shops are owned by a chair craftsman, bakeries by bakers and barbershops by barbers. In fact all societies, [...]
Why do we Fall?
To be honest, this post is for me as a reminder for every time I hit a road block or a temporary failure, but I’m putting it out into our ethos for [...]
Emotion Surfing: Riding the Feels
  You’ve just received an email on a critical thing you vaguely recall, or you are sitting in front of a very important exam. You know that [...]
Patent System Stifling Curiosity
History The patenting system has been around since the Greek Empire[1]. Created to protect and encourage innovation. Almost always under a certain time [...]
Fourier Transforms and Nephew Mishaps
Imagine everything is made up of small ripples (it actually is the case). From the sound of music (great movie!) to the silence of the lambs (scary [...]